Consultative & Creative - That pretty much captures the process of working with Strohmaier design. First, we meet (preferably in person) to take the time to truly understand you, your business and your goals for the project you have in mind. (I appreciate that your time is valuable.) As a designer who actually has years of experience in sales and marketing, plus 20+ years in "the business," I use our time together well, to efficiently wrap my head around the needs of your project so you get the best results.

Plans in Place - Once we talk, you'll get a written proposal from me outlining the game plan, what you'll get from me, what I need from you -- one that includes the timeline and costs. It's good to have it all on paper so you know what to expect.

Timeline - Once the proposal gets your blessings, I dig in and work fast, taking enough time to get great results. The timeline depends on the project. From giant billboards to business cards, each requires research, brainstorming, sketches of ideas and concepts, multiple drafts, plus a few rounds of revisions to incorporate your feedback. Some (like a business card design) can be quick; it depends on the project.

Results - No matter the project, my goal for every marketing piece produced is to be:

  • Cohesive and unique
  • Outstanding, helping your business to stand out from your competitors
  • Targeted, gaining attention from the intended audience
  • Powerful, helping you attract and retain more customers